Confiker Virus on the Loose – April Fool's?

Apr 1, 2009

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One of the biggest and malicious worm viruses called Confiker or Downadup is storming through the net right now and is estimated at infecting over 15 million computers. The funny thing is that the virus is actually not active as the developers of this malicious worm have not activated it.

The way they are doing this is they are having the worm multiply around the net and getting on computers but not actually doing any damage as of yet and is awaiting instructions from the developers.

There have been several rumors and accusations that April 1st will be the day that Confiker will receive its instructions to activate and do massive harm. Confiker is self-replicating and infects a vulnerability in machines that use Microsoft Windows as an operating system.

Microsoft fixed a patch in Microsoft Windows last October to solve this problem, however there are millions of computer users who are using pirated versions of Microsoft Windows and all of the pirated versions have not been fixed. You can download a patch from Microsoft at Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067

Some say that they do not think that the virus will not activate on April Fools Day to clog networks, send spam, access personal files, crash computers, and more because the main purpose of the virus is to make money and most viruses that are built to make money usually like to stay hidden.

Only the owners and developers of this large and spreading Confiker virus actually know the answer to whether they are going to activate and give instructions to Confiker on April Fools to do some serious harm.

We will have to see what will happen and hopefully your computer is not infected and uses an excellent firewall and security protection system. Those who work in the firewall and internet security industry are actively following Confiker and tracking its every moves. The only problem is that it is hard for them to nail down how to stop it as Confiker uses an algorithm that changes every day and is based on timestamps from public websites.

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