Connecting with Your “Fans” on Social Media

Jun 11, 2013

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By: Micheal Green

Connecting with Your “Fans” on Social Media

Social Media is arguably the most powerful marketing tool we have right now–small news stories can quickly become global if you play your cards right! Little things can become big things with wise use of social media. Of course, conversely, little things which you didn’t want to become big things have the same opportunities, so use your social media marketing campaign wisely.

The social media boom has left some business owners trailing in the dark a little. They kind of know that there’s a huge potential out there but are not quite sure how to go about using it. To some people, Facebook is still something that their kids use to keep in touch with their classmates every minute of the night and day. Twitter? Twitter is something that celebrities often use before putting their brains into gear and getting themselves into hot water.

Social networking is a terrific way for people to connect online and it has made a huge difference for many families and friends who are separated by distance. This vast potential “audience” has really helped to catapult social media into such a prominent position in the marketing arena. To put it simply– by tapping into these vast numbers one can reach a huge customer base, putting your business or brand before a massive cluster of potential clients.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can help you to connect with thousands of customers and potential customers without so much as spending a penny. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have two very important roles in the world of business marketing;

1. They are very popular with millions of users worldwide.

2. It is entirely free to use them.

It really is a “no brainer.” Businesses can connect with millions of existing and potential customers by tapping into this tremendous source.

One thing you’ve got to remember when you embark on your social media campaign is that social networking is not about advertising. Advertising is a very useful bi-product, but you’ve got to be subtle in your endeavors. Social media is about connecting people, it gives you the chance to connect with your fans quickly, easily, and freely. You are unlikely to connect with millions of fans by talking, solely, about your business or product. Instead you’ve got to use the “back door” technique and discuss topics which will be of interest to the type of person who will use your product or service.

Connecting with fans on a social media site will not happen overnight. You must first establish a social networking presence and build it from there.

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