Consistency Is Key In Marketing

Dec 28, 2010

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In marketing, there is a wide variety of fatal mistakes that small businesses commonly make. Perhaps one of the most common is inconsistency. A lot of small businesses make this mistake in that their corporate identity does not match or follow the same design or message as does the other marketing that they produce. We see it all over the small business world – logos that do not match websites and business cards that do not match logos. Too often, when you visit a company’s website, you feel like you may be at the wrong website because the identity is not consistent with the business cards you have in your hand nor the sign you saw on their building.

When it comes to branding, consistency in message and design is more important than perhaps what some would call a design quality. Some of the most recognizable logos in small communities aren’t logos that have tremendous design allure, but they are long lasting, trusted, and consistent symbols for the businesses that use them.

The goal of a consistent marketing message is top-of-mind-awareness and recognition. Many times, small businesses receive business because their identity has been seen so many times in the community that eventually, consumers learn to trust and get to know those companies. It generally takes multiple times for a consumer to learn about a business before they actually spend money with that company. This is often called the “Buying Cycle.”

If a company continues to market consistently and with an effective message, top-of-mind-awareness and recognition kick in and play a vital role in a consumers memory and affect where they spend their hard earned money. No matter what your company name, logo, or colors are you decide make sure that your marketing efforts present a consistent message so that consumers can recognize who you are time and time again. As a small business you must engrave it into their minds over and over of who you are and what you do.

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