Consumers Are Always Connected

Jun 21, 2011

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The times have changed in the way consumers research and shop around in order to get the best product at the best price. When I was young I remember going all around town from store to store in order to find a pair of shoes that felt good and was affordable for my Mom.

Now shoppers have mobile devices that are always connected to the internet and have applications installed on them as well that help them do their research in getting the best deal. Research shows that over 80% of shoppers do research on the internet before stepping foot into any store.

Here is a video from Google showcasing statistics and useful information for merchants who are selling products and services.

As you can tell from this video the internet is wherever people go now that smartphones are becoming more mainstream. If you are a small business then you need to have a great website that can give consumers what they are looking for and that is answers.

Innovation Simple is a professional custom Utah web design company that specializes in assisting small business owners in redesigning their websites in order to help people learn more about their company.

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