Content Is More Important Than Rankings

Dec 15, 2009

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content is king
Search engine optimization is very important for every business who wishes to do any type of business online in selling products or generating leads for those businesses that fall into the services sector. A good seo can take any website and redo all of the tags that are necessary for proper labeling of each page with no problem, however if a site does rank for a particular phrase it is not the tags that the users are looking at, it is the content of the page. If you can get a page that does not have that good of content to rank high for a particular phrase in the search engine then that is great, however one of the important things most often overlooked in search engine optimization or what website owners often overlook is that it is not only about high rankings, getting lots of traffic, or anything else like that. It is all about conversions and if the site does not have good content then it will not have good conversions no matter how high it ranks. The ultimate goal in building a website is to provide something of value to users who will actually use the site. It is always the users who actually use the site. Search engines do not use websites, they only collect data about websites and therefore it is critical to have great content so that your users will want to stay on your site, hence search engines will want to continue to send people to that site. One of the best ways to continue to add great content to a site is by using a blog which is hosted on the domain of the site for obvious reasons: it grows the sites and makes the search engine have to continue to crawl the site and keeps users on the site. This is why we always here the old adage in internet land “Content is King”.

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