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Jan 21, 2009

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Having a nice looking website with cool graphics and flashy objects is not enough these days when you are doing business online. Internet users are smarter now about searching for information, products, and deals than when the internet first came out. You have to converse with your customers on your website as if you are talking to them.

A lot of websites will brag about how good they are and how reputable they are and do it on overkill. Users are past that and do not care what you as a business owner think of yourself or your business. Customers care what other people say about you and your services. Having testimonials on a website is crucial and critical if you want people to really take notice of how good you are.

You want to forget about selling, instead you want to prove the value and proposition of the offer. Prove your expertise in not by talking about what education you have but more about what you have done for other people and how it helped them. You don’t show your expertise by flashing your fancy credentials or claiming that you are the expert. This is what people are really thinking in their heads.

Many websites that sell things or offer services are very general in nature with giving general descriptions of their service and what their products can do. If you want higher results and more happy customers then you need to be very detailed about everything on your website. For example if you sell computers a user wants to get as much information and research before they buy. They look online to get that information. If you sell computers you SHOULD give details about the computers like:

  • dimensions
  • memory
  • battery
  • screen quality
  • etc.

This is what people are really looking for as they look for things. The more you improve the value proposition the easier it is to ask for money. If you are a business owner who is creating and designing a website the most effective thing you can do is think of yourself as a customer.

Give your website the opportunity to TALK to YOUR CUSTOMERS!

When you are writing content use conversational dialogue as if you are talking to them face to face. Using words like you, me, them, her, he, she, and him are all words that people use in normal conversation offline yet when it comes to online they try to to business like and use big fancy words to try and make themselves look smart.

The more you talk to them and show them that you have all of the information that they are looking for the more they will trust you and want to purchase and come back. Plus the more information and details you provide the more the search engines will see your website as an authority and rank you higher the search engine results page. The foundation of SEO is providing quality relevant content that people actually like when they visit the site.

It will do you no good if you rank high in the search engines from a lot of hard work or if you are in a less competitive market and when a visitor looks at your title and clicks over to your site they see nothing of value. This will be a killer every time when you advertise and cannot back up what you offered or sent them to another offer of what they clicked on. That is bad business.

Increase online sales by providing more detailed information, conversation language, and improving the value of what you offer whether it is products or services.

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