Customize Gmail With Personalized Backgrounds

Apr 19, 2011

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Gmail has continually made improvements to the functionality of the software and on occasion they improve the software so you can customize the look with different themes. To change themes in Gmail you can go to settings and click on themes, from there you can choose from various themes that Gmail has put in there.

Now Gmail has customized their create your own theme to where you can upload new pictures.

upload customized picture in gmail theme

Before the ability to only changes text colors, link colors and background colors was the only option. This is a common situation in how Google treats their software in regards to making it actually work first and then later offering the ability to personally theme the software. Google Chrome was the same way in the beginning when there were no themes and then there was the Chrome Web Store.

Here is something that you can now make Gmail look like:

customized gmail with Lakers picture

(In the picture above I made it so it does not show my emails). Yes I am a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan and so of course I had to customize my theme with the Lakers logo especially now that we are in NBA playoffs season. GO LAKERS!

Customize your own Gmail today and let us know what you did to make it your own.

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