Dads Are the Original Hipsters

Nov 12, 2013

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The book Dads Are the Original Hipsters really nailed it when it comes to understanding many contemporary music, fashion, and lifestyle interests of young people in the 21st century. It’s become something of a badge of honor to look back and see what concerts your dad was attending or what shoes he was wearing in the 60s, 70s, and 80S. And even more, to realize how much contemporary culture reflects your dad’s interests in those eras. That’s been my experience, anyway, and these are just a few things that my dad was into that I’m into now.

1. Tunes: I remember begging my dad to change the CD when he was dying to listen to his 80s new wave favorites (Thompson Twins, Pet Shop Boys, and The Police mostly). But I guess somewhere around my sophomore year in high-school I decided to ditch the Usher, Britney, Justin hits, and embrace what my dad had always wanted me to embrace because, well, it was good.

2. Clothes: It wasn’t until my sister and I started coming home with Members Only jackets from thrift stores and saw my dad in pictures with the same ones that I realized how much my style was influenced by my dad’s era. And then it was apparent in everything: flannel shirts, band t-shirts, Ray Bans, Converse sneakers, etc.

3. Interests: If your childhood was anything like mine, you spent way too much time trying to hide your weird quirks until one day you decided that everyone was embracing them. And then it was cool to be weird. Well, that came from your dad, too. Dads were breaking social norms long before you were.

So next time you see your dad, give him some credit for the cool genes he gave you!

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