Digital Asset Optimization

Feb 16, 2010

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digital asset optimization
The game is changing in the seo world and there are a lot of new things that search engines are looking for. One of the things that has stood its ground throughout all of the changes is syndicating content. Content syndication has been important in the past but it is now increasing in speed as you can syndicate content on more platforms than just your website. Digital Asset Optimization is the art of optimizing any type of content that can be syndicated on any type of platform ie. blogs, video sites, photo sites, podcast sites, social sites and more. You can publish all types of content to the web and contribute to the conversation, however if it can be posted it can be optimized. When performing seo for your company you will want to take inventory of your content and see if it is properly optimized. Anything that can be searched can be optimized and do not think for a second that Google is the only place you can search for things. I search for tutorials and things on Youtube all of the time or Squidoo. There is a lot of great content online that is not optimized the best it could be because people do not take 2 seconds and think before labeling something or uploading something “How are people going to search for this?” Digital Asset Optimization is the art of using all of your content to your advantage and using it as leverage.
dao on computer for digital asset optimization

In the offline world I hear that “Knowledge is Power” well in the online world “Content is Power”. Think about it, the sites that normally do the best and that are the most popular have more content and continue to grow in content. Content syndication is alive and well and using your companies content to your advantage is a necessity in today’s world, not just a thing to do on the side. All images provided by

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