Digital Marketing in 2016

Feb 25, 2016

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Apps for Smart Phones are becoming the next best thing for marketeers as the mobile world continues to grow.

Mobile Optimization

Here are some of the things that your business should be doing in its 2016 digital marketing campaigns:

Mobile Optimization

According to, mobile traffic generated more than laptop and desktop searches. This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone seeing as people always have their smart phones with them and are able to Google anything they need in a few seconds. Something that might not be as intuitive is how important mobile apps are becoming. According to the same article, 52% of time spent online on a mobile devices was spent on apps. This is because they tend to be easier to use than websites, even when they have a mobile site.

Social Media

Social media continues to evolve each year, and it is important to note the growth that many of these platforms have had in the last year. Sites like Facebook and Pinterest have been developing ways for businesses to better sell their products by including links to buy goods right there on the spot. By keeping up your social media presence, you will definitely see big benefits in the year 2016.

Revamping Optimization Tactics

With the Virtual Assistants like Siri gaining more popularity, it is important to take them into account when we design our content

Optimization for Virtual Assistants

With new “Virtual Assistants” like Siri and Cortana, businesses need to look at how they can better optimize their sites to be found through AI tools that can find information easily and give it to their users. mentions that in 2016 this will be one of the biggest areas for companies to continuing to develop when it comes to SEO and PPC content.

As always, staying on top of the ever changing trends and the shifting landscape that is digital marketing, we at Innovation Simple can help you to create a digital marketing campaign that will help improve your business.

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