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Feb 3, 2014

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A Glimpse Into the Future

St. George has been consistently growing at an incredible rate for quite some time now, but will it slow anytime soon? If you ask me, we’ve only seen the beginning. Why? Two words: university town.

Take Provo, for example: You probably wouldn’t think of Provo, Utah as a big city. Rather, it’s more like a really, REALLY big town. It’s full of activity; there is always something to do, but without the awful traffic and skyscrapers. Small cafes and “hang-out spots” dot the street corners. Despite certain stigmas, Provo is a very young, vibrant town. If it’s true that this fun and thriving culture comes from having 2 large universities nearby, St. George is only a decade or two away from following in its footsteps.

Since Dixie became a university last year, things have already started to change. Smoothie shops, burger joints, and low-key restaurants are taking notice and many are already beginning to thrive even more. Everything seems to revolve around the college-age social scene. With the school growing, the community will soon follow, and this spring break hotspot will soon be another lively university town.

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