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Dec 18, 2012

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In all of your doing, do this and experience growth. This tip can profoundly impact your success: Find time to be still. Moments of contemplation cause breakthroughs. Thinking is a good thing. “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” –Henry Ford.


Because thought is the precursor to almost all human interactions, it makes sense to prioritize time to permit it; to assertively create time for judgement and reason. Yet many do not; at least not purposefully. Many tend to go through their busy day on some type of mental autopilot.

”Organic” Thought

Business men and women pride themselves on being educated and seeking means of heightened learning. We accelerate education by relying on those who came before us. And we should. But consider this question: What about original thought? Plain old “grain-fed” organic thought? When was the last time you sat on a hillside overlooking the valley directing your thoughts in a purposeful manner? Intellectual activity is priceless. Guided, it is powerful. Acted upon, it is life changing.

Consider Reactive Versus Proactive Thought

All too frequently, we go about our day reacting to events and interruptions in some type of problem solving mode. It seems that we go week to week solving and resolving.

But what about the thinkers of our time. Do you imagine that brilliant breakthroughs in society resulted from reactive thought alone? Nor do I. I imagine that much of what we consider to be brilliant is actually the result of proactive thought, consciousness, or creativity.


If your creativity is low. If you feel detached from meaningful insight. You may be on autopilot. These five steps may help.
1) Go to bed early, rise early. Engage a powerfully rested brain.
2) Eat quality foods in smaller portions more frequently.
3) Read books you do not normally read.
4) Exert yourself for 30 minutes then find time to be still.
5) Direct your thought purposefully.

Be adventurous in your own imagination. Then direct that awakened mind toward original thought. Yes, study the lessons of life. But take time to think and reason on original thought.

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