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Feb 12, 2010

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As the technology evolves there are some things that do not evolve and that is the things people like to share which means going viral. Viral marketing has always been a huge way to market. When it comes to seo how does virality affect it and search engine rankings?

There have been some major changes in Google this last year as they have launched Social Search, Search Wiki, Personalized Search and Real Time Search. These are some obvious changes they have made along with the announcement that they are doing an overhaul on their algorithm which they have not done since 2006 called Google Caffeine.

A lot of these changes point to one thing and that is that Google is looking more at social content to rank for real time search and that the social arena of the web is something of interest to them. On Tuesday they launched another social networking application which is in Gmail called Google Buzz. Google is showing that they are desperate in getting into the social arena online and due to them making a lot of changes we are going to see the social graph start to affect search engine rankings.

With this it is very important that your company has viral content that people want to share with their family, friends, coworker and associates. So what do people like to share online? According to a recent study put out by the New York Times people like to send positive intellectually challenging topics. People like to share inspiring articles that invoke emotion and there was a notice that people like to share science related articles.

One thing you will want to do is to look at your website’s content and ask yourself, “Is this content something that people would want to bookmark, email, or share in their social accounts?” When you ask yourself this question you will be not only doing a good copywriting favor, but also a good SEO favor.

Here are some resources that will help you understand this new realm of how social affects the web:

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