Don't Sell It, Talk About It

Jun 16, 2011

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In the business world we all live in everyone has spoken with a salesman in some form or another. There is a saying that says “people do not like to be sold”. I myself have also heard that people can smell a salesman a mile away as if it is part of their super powers to smell a salesman. In this article we will discuss why it is more beneficial to talk about it rather than selling it.

A little over a year ago Innovation Simple hired some so called professional salesmen in order for us to grow by having more sales. As a company we generated more leads to offer to them so they could talk to more people and have a higher chance of selling them. As time went on we continued to bring in leads but the sales were not coming in by these professional salesmen.

At the time we were frustrated and perplexed as to why these professional sales individuals who had a lot more sales tactics knowledge than us could produce no sales. We wondered if it was because we are in the technology sector of selling web design, computer programming and search engine optimization services that were services they were not used to selling. It was new to them and so we tried to teach them some things so they could be more prepared as they spoke with potential clients and answer some of the questions that were coming their way.

We still had no success with these professional salesmen even after we taught them more of what we do and gave them answers to some of the questions they would be receiving. They also in turn taught us, who are not salesmen, some of the tactics that are used when doing sales.

It eventually got to the point to where they became frustrated when they had no success and made the decision to leave. As a company we were left to us having to go back and do selling as we had previously done. Our goal was to improve the way in which we could generate sales and thought hiring professional sales people would be just the trick.

When they left we went back to talking to people about what we do and started to see more success. The only conclusion that we have come up with is that we just know what we are talking about and potential clients can see that we are experienced, that we can answer their questions as well as steer them in the right direction by way of consulting them when they do not know exactly what to do.

So the moral of this little story is that if you want to sale your products and/or services you should just talk about it, not sell it. If you are an SEO then you will have a MUCH EASIER time talking about SEO rather than selling SEO. The same goes for graphic designers and computer programmers. People want to have the confidence in you and what you know and can do rather than how you “Pitch” it.

We have learned that we just need to feel comfortable when we meet potential clients and “Talk” to them about who we are and what we do, instead of “Selling” them on who we are and what we do. If you want people to buy from you then our advice is that you talk with them about your company, products and services rather than selling them on your company, products and services.

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