Dr. Tim's Juices Gets A Makeover

Dec 21, 2010

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Dr. Tim Hollingshead is the founder and owner of Dr. Tim’s Juices which is a company that specializes in making healthy exotic drinks that are designed to improve the body with organic super fruits. Dr. Tim’s Juices can be purchased in retail stores and online. They wanted to update their one website www.drtimsjuices.com to have an updated look so they can compete with other drink companies as well as provide a website that can be informational. Users can learn more about the drinks much more proficiently and can find retail locations where they can “Get The Juice”. The goal in redesigning this website was to combine both the fact that Dr. Tim is an MD (medical doctor) as well as nature into the site as that is what the drinks are from. Now the website portrays both a professional medical feel mixed with nature.


drtimsjuices.com home page screenshot

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