Elements of a Landing Page

Oct 21, 2008

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When building landing pages to sell products and to grow a list there are some essential things that you need to have on a landing page. The most important goal of a landing page is to get someone to sign-up for something.

Here are some must haves when it comes to building a landing page:

1. Product Overview

2. Toll Free Number

3. Sign-up Form

4. Ratings, Reviews, Testimonials

5. Stock Availability

6. Guarantee

7. Pictures

8. Customer Service Information

9. Privacy Policy

All of these things are important to get a customer to see your offer and to sign-up. That is the main goal of a landing page. Everything on the page is designed to give a customer the information and reassurance they need to sign-up with their information.

It has to be able to show great value as a potential customer is weighing the decision, is this offer worth me giving over my information. That is the test.

In your writing and guarantees you must portray the value of your product and be confident in what you are selling or giving away for free. Depending on the product you might give it away free, they pay for shipping, or the product is 50% off or something.

If you use these items listed on your landing page you will have higher success. You want to highlight the benefits of the product so that as soon as a customer comes to the page they see the benefits right off of the start.

After you have designed your landing page you will want to test and then test some more. The best way to get better results and higher conversions is to test with many different options as you will see what people are liking and disliking.

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