Embracing "New" Marketing?

Dec 13, 2012

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“New” Marketing?

So what is the “new” marketing. Well, if you haven’t heard, the “new” marketing is –


Except the thing about it is that it is really not that “new.” Content marketing is closely tied to the idea of “inbound” marketing. Inbound marketing is about attracting customers instead of convincing them.

Outbound marketing works for many companies but is simply more costly and more difficult to predict and track.

The new marketing is content marketing. It is trackable, scalable, and centered in results.

What Is It All About?

  • It’s about attracting customers and not convincing them.
  • It’s about market leadership, not spammy techniques.
  • It’s about clicks and conversions, not gaming Google’s algorithm.
  • It’s about picking a niche and then becoming the MARKET LEADER.
  • It’s about realizing that prospects often only know you through the Web, not by what is in your office.
  • It’s about positioning yourself in a market and not chasing a market.
  • It’s about leading a market and not just servicing a market.
  • It’s about realizing that you CANNOT say what everyone else in your market is saying; you have to be different and make that difference apparent.

Kinda’ Like Dating, Really

Think about it – how did you attract your current spouse or relationship partner? How did you get the interest level of that person piqued? My guess is that you were focused on creating attraction and showing that person that you were an exceptional choice. My guess is that there was no pushy sales pitch that defined your approach and you didn’t say the same thing that all of the other guys said. What would have happened if you would have tried to convince your significant other as a means of getting from one date to the next?

Content marketing, or the “new” marketing, is awfully similar. It’s more about who you are and how you talk about the problems in your niche and how you solve the problems in your niche than almost anything else.

SEO, Social Media, Articles, Blogs, Press Releases

So, are you creating content consistently? Are any of these pieces to the “new” marketing puzzle familiar to you? If its all Greek at this point, we should talk. If not, you should strongly consider what continual optimization of your content marketing will do for your lead flow, brand, and bottom line.

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