Emotional Marketing

Jun 13, 2013

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By Micheal Green

Making Your Marketing Effective

One of the most powerful ways to effectively market is to create an emotional response from your audience. Emotion embeds itself into the human brain and drives our daily actions. By harnessing this great marketing power, you can be far more effective in delivering your message to the masses.

Before you read the rest of this post, watch this short YouTube video posted from an anti-smoking campaign in Thailand.

How did that video make you feel? If you’re a smoker, you probably related to the adults giving the kids advice on why not to smoke. If you’re someone who has a friend or family member you love who smokes, you probably connected with the message the kids gave to the adults. Either way, you likely made some sort of emotional connection to this message. I believe this advert is really well done and touches on a few key components to successful marketing.

Be Relatable

Like I mentioned before, one of the reasons this video invoked emotion within you is because in a small way you can relate. On the surface, it might be hard to pinpoint. After all, I don’t smoke, I’m not in Thailand, and I speak english. However, I related because I have those that I love in my life who do smoke, and who have tried and failed many times to quite. I feel for them. So in that way, I relate to the calling out of “do as I say not as I do” that these adults experienced.

Invoke the Right Emotions

“But I just sell a widget! How is that emotional?” I can hear you say. Below is anther video that was released this week by a widget maker who has mastered the art of invoking emotion.


Part of accomplishing this is understanding why your customers buy your product. How do they emotionally connect with it? I love the line in the video that says “does the product make life better?”. Does yours? You must think that it does otherwise, why would you be motivated to come to work everyday? This is the kind of emotion you need to arouse when crafting your message.

Consistant Delivery

If your marketing is to be believed, you must be able to deliver on the promises made. If you say “best price in town” you better be just that. If you promise the moon, you better bring some stars too. Your delivery is what compels your clients to buy from you the second time. Anybody with a parlor trick can get someone to buy once, the real trick is getting them to buy twice. Your delivery will be talked about often more than the product itself. Be sure that this element to your marketing is spot on.

Avoid the Backfire

There’s nothing worse than watching an advertisement that’s trying and failing to be funny. Many companies feel that humor is the only way to get business. While humor is often a very effective tool, it’s usually very thin ice to skate on. You must know your customer inside and out before you can attempt humor. You’ll notice that both advertisements above have zero humor. Yet they are both incredibly effective at delivering a message.

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