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May 20, 2009

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When building the popularity of a website there are many things that a webmaster can do. One of the most important factors is involved in doing work on the website. Every time a page is added to a website it adds to the size and growth of the website.

When it comes to the Google patent PageRank there is a score of 0-10. Every time you add a page to a website that single page will always have a PageRank that is higher than 0. It might have a PageRank of 0.something but it does have some PageRank.

What does this mean, it means that every time you add a page to a website and add links to it that link to other pages on the website, those links pass some PageRank and link reputation. This means that you can control how you move the PageRank within a website and how you move the link reputation around.

The more that individual page gets crawled and cached the higher the importance those links on that page are passing on. So it is very important to continue to add new original content to a website and get it cached on a very regular basis.

The more recent the cache of a page means that it is fresh in the search engines eyes and will also mean that the page is getting crawled and indexed better. Controlling the link reputation is very important within a website as you can move the reputation to pages that are most important or to those that are struggling.

If there are some pages on a website that are not getting indexed well or have old cache dates then you can point some links to those pages from your high authority pages. You will want to make sure the cache date is within the last 15 days.

If the cache date is older than that you will want to point some link reputation to that page from your pages that have higher PageRank and authority. As you add more pages to your website you increase the power that the website holds as there are more opportunities to be able to pass link reputation and PageRank.

Studies show that bigger websites tend to rank very well in the search engines and also need less incoming links which would make sense as you can get PageRank from other websites or you can build your own. So remember that although link building is vital to increasing the popularity of a website, you can build your own PageRank.

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