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Apr 9, 2009

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When having an offline store one of the most important things to do is to keep your store or office clean and free from clutter. It is just like real estate where they statistics show that having a clean house will sell for more than a cluttered house.

When you have a store or a office you want it to be clean and free from clutter so that a potential customer or client is pleased with what I will call your store curb appeal. The same as in real estate where the front of the house must have curb appeal.

When you place your company online with a website to increase your online presence the same is true. You need to make your website have excellent curb appeal making it clean and free from clutter. There are some websites that have good information, but when you go to the website there is so much stuff all over that you do not know where to start.

The best way to make your website free from clutter is to put things in sections with headlines so it is easy to find information quickly and easily. Having smart navigation is critical as they are like road signs helping drivers know where they are driving.

Many good websites use boxes to seperate the information so that it is not all jumbled together. One great example of this is Yahoo and Apple as both of these companies are huge and have been around for a long time online.

These two companies have a lot more information than most online companies but they have made the information very easy to find all while keeping the website look free of clutter and user friendly.

The better you clean your store and your website the better success you will have as customers do make decisions of companies simply by appearance. Making your website clean and spotless will increase your conversions as well as keep customers on your website longer.

Cleaner websites are always much easier to find information just like having a clean room is easier to find things. Some people are different and have to have everything out and while it seems chaotic to others it does not to them. That will only work for your own individual room at your house and does not work for the rest of the public.

It will not matter if you are the only one who can find information on your website if no one else can find it. Having a good clean looking website will overall give your potential customers a much better feeling about your company.

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