GMAIL has new buttons

Feb 4, 2009

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The Gmail development team has made new buttons that appear in the top of the bar. The new buttons are designed to increase the speed of how fast someone can put emails into the files that they want to.

Instead of using folders like most email accounts Gmail uses labels. The labels allow you to flag messages as read, unread, or you can star them as important messages so you will easily be able to look at them later.

The old way of moving emails to different labels was you had to mark the email as a label and then move it into its section. Now with the new layout and design you can move and label an email all in one step.

The Gmail development team is continually looking at new ways to improve its service. They will continually be playing around with the drop downs and functions throughout the day.

At Innovation Simple we love using Gmail because of the service, storage, and functionality.

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