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Mar 30, 2016

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The Digital Marketing landscape seems to be changing constantly. It is a battle for digital marketers to keep up with the newest and latest techniques that will help your company or your clients to exceed expectations in the digital realm. That’s why at Innovation Simple we try to keep you updated on the latest trends that you need to know about to stay on top.
More and more internet users are accessing the internet form their mobile devices than from their computers.

One of the most important things to realize for 2016 is that desktop friendly websites are have begun to take a back seat to the mobile friendly website. Americans spend an outrageous amount of time on their phones surfing the web, texting and checking social media. This is why it is so important for B2C companies to not only optimize their desktop websites, but their mobile sites as well.

Many people will make purchases, shop online and check their favorite websites while waiting in lines or in a down moment when they can just hop on their phone and get stuff done. By making your site more mobile friendly, you will be sure to have people stay longer on your site and engage more with your content or buy more of your products.

So, be sure to spend as much time optimizing your mobile website as you do your desktop website. Americans are beginning to spend more time surfing the web on their phones than they do on their laptops or desktop computers. This is an important investment for you to make for 2016 and beyond. So get started now if you haven’t already, and remember that you can always give Innovation Simple a call and we will help you get started today.

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