Good Web Designer Makes Bad SEO

Apr 23, 2011

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A couple of questions for you…
  1. Are you right or left handed?
  2. Are you right or left brained?
Its almost always true that people are better at using one hand or the other correct? Its also almost always true that people are better at using one side of their brain versus the other side of their brain.

Enter web designers and SEOs…..

Simply put, it is nearly impossible for a very creative person to be able to process information the way that a computer programmer or an SEO guru would do so. As referenced by the simple illustration below, right brained people are creative and left brained people are more analytical. Everything about web based programming and SEO lends more to a person that is skilled in logic, strategy, mathematics, numbers, data, etc. Everything about web design lends more to a person who is intuitive about how to make people feel a specific way and what makes people trust, love, and enjoy a design.
Right and Left Brain

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So What?

A web design company MUST employ both right-brained web designers and left-brained SEO consultants if they are to perform both services effectively. As a disclaimer, when we speak of SEO, we are referring to high-level monthly link building and popularity imrpovement in search engines and not meta tags on a web page. If this is confusing to you, please visit our SEO basics page. If your web designer is in a small design-only type of company, you MUST work with someone else that has a background in SEO and has the mind for it.

Enter Innovation Simple….

First, Innovation Simple Inc. is a team full of various experts in design, programming, and SEO. Each of these services is performed by a different department and such has a manager and technicians that specialize in that department and not the others. Next, our work flow lends to this concept. After agreements have been approved, our clients move through the strategy phase with an SEO guru into the design phase. After design completion, the programming department takes the project. Upon completion of the programming, the project goes back to the SEO gurus for monthly marketing and link building. Its a smooth system with lots of value for the client packed into each phase of the project. For more information about SEO or web design services, call 888-559-3274 or visit our FREE web design quote page.

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