Good Word Choice Leads to Good Marketing

May 16, 2013

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Scott Christofferson

Choose Wisely

People read what your business writes and says. Accept that now because it’s true. Sure anyone can throw some words on a page or document but what you really need is great writing, not just words on a page.

So now that you know you need quality writing that has been edited really well you need to make sure you have the talent and time available to your business. But at any rate there are some words and phrases that should be excluded because their implications aren’t direct and you want to avoid writing that isn’t direct.

Here are a few words and phrases to ditch from your writing:

Exceed Expectations

What does that mean? How can you be sure what the customers expectations are? Talk about what your service or product does and let the customer decide how great it is without raising their expectations right off the bat.

A client testimonial is an exception to this rule. You can definitely use a quote from a client that explains how amazing your product is.


When we drop most adjectives our writing becomes more clear and direct and we all know concise writing is the bomb. If you are compelled to use an adjective just make sure that it enhances your writing and doesn’t distract from your instructions or the point you’re trying to make.


To be honest, we all just need to save this for military veterans. Just because you’ve been around for a long time doesn’t mean that you’re successful. Think about it, even though I’ve played basketball for 15 years doesn’t mean that I’m a basketball star. Instead of stating that you’re successful use numbers and results to show your value.


This is an interesting word because it puts everything in the future instead of the present. Use phrasing that puts everything in the present and cause your potential customers to understand the benefits they can get right now. Make your customers feel engaged and they’ll be much more likely to buy now and in the future.


Can you sound more noncommittal?! The best text is text that has authority. Take control of the situation through your writing. Customers come with questions and your job is to provide them with an answer that helps them. Passive language does not promote action.

What do you think of this list? Do you agree? Disagree? Any other words you’d add to the “do not use list?”

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