Google AdWords Demystified

Jan 29, 2014

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Google AdWords is a headache to look at. The start up is enough to make a normal human-being claw at the computer screen in an attempt to escape. It’s not hard, it’s just a learned process. There are tons of tutorials and I won’t attempt to make another. To be quite frank, the tutorials make me more desperate than AdWords itself. This is a product you need to just jump into.

A lot of people say that they lose more money than they make in AdWords. To this I say, you are. If you do not use AdWords correctly you are simply throwing away your money. If you use it correctly your paid reach, bounce rate, and conversion rate will all rise significantly. Let me give you some tips and pointers I’ve gleaned from working under Google and on behalf of other companies.

Check your AdWords page daily. 20 minutes a day could be your best marketing effort. Sign onto your AdWords dashboard and take a look at yesterday’s statistics. Keep your eyes open for trends. Learn what all of the statistics mean and signify and watch them! You can pay someone else to do this for you. But even when paying someone else you need to pay attention. No one is more interested in your success than you are.

Check your keywords daily. There are thousands of guides to keywording. I don’t know if there is any guide as comprehensive as experience. Get out there and make your own. You may lose money at first but you’ll quickly learn how to make a strong keyword. Google rates your keywords on clarity in wording and redirecting. If you do not pass their scoring system your keywords will be deactivated. Once your keywords are high quality you need to make sure your landing pages are beautiful. Landing pages are cheap to produce. Don’t be afraid to crank out some new landing pages for specific ads. They will help improve pretty much every statistic on your Analytics page.

Change your pricing frequently. Don’t just set a bid to a certain cost-per-click and leave it. Keep updating your prices. Be competitive. Experimentation is the only way to get the most bang for your buck. Maybe highballing a certain keyword will get you to the 1st ad position. Maybe you’d rather be second or third given the cost. Studies show that being 2nd and 3rd is often as effective as 1st in Google Ads.

Start strong campaigns. Don’t flood the market with your campaigns. Make sure that you are targeted. The more laser focused and exact in a few specific campaigns you are the more money you’ll make. Don’t throw in keywords that have nothing to do with your company. That will only raise your bounce rate and leave viewers frustrated. You don’t need to fool people to go to your site. Start a few campaigns and work on the Ad Groups within those campaigns until you are confident in them. They will be your AdWords cashcows.

I could keep going all day. And if you need me to keep going leave a comment. Moral of this story is AdWords is a cash cow when done correctly. It takes daily monitoring and thought. This isn’t as mindless as buying a billboard. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! In the end you can count on us to do this for you. We are experts in AdWords and are devoted to your campaign. Innovation Simple is here to take care of the headache for you!

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