Google Changes Its Name To Topeka

Apr 1, 2010

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Google has already gone through one name change as they were originally called Backrub. Google has now officially released that they have changed their name to Topeka. The name Google had a good ride but all good things must come to an end.
google's topeka logo

The way the name Topeka came into existence was after the mayor of Topeka Kansas, Bill Bunten, decided to change the name of Topeka Kansas to Google Kansas through the end of March.
google kansas street sign
Image courtesy of CNN

Google officials said that they wanted to honor what Bunten had done and so with much deliberation and counseling one with another Google officially decided to change its name to Topeka. Although there has been a name change the traditional red, green, blue and yellow colors will still be prominent with the new name change.
topeka sign at googleplex
Image courtesy of Google or Topeka

If you have read this far you may be asking yourself “I can’t believe Google would change their name” especially after they have had so much go into branding the name Google. Google is famous for its April Fools pranks so happy April Fools!

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