Google Changes Search Results Layout

May 5, 2010

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Google has been playing with changing the way they change their search results interface for quite awhile. Today they have officially made the change to the public. Here is a screenshot of the new look:
google search results page new layout

The obvious biggest change is the left hand side navigation that they have added on top of what they already have at the top left. So now those other areas of search are a lot more noticeable and easier to use for users. There are 3 technologies that are powering the left hand navigation:
  • Universal Search
  • Google Squared
  • Search Options Panel
Google has released these technologies before and are now using them together to improve the overall search experience as well as the searching power of Google technology. The new layout was officially rolled out today across 37 languages and is also being launched in a mobile version for English interfaces in the United States This is a ongoing effort to improve making Google easier to use and find stuff quicker throughout all of their search engines, not just the most famous webs search. I think a lot of people are going to start to use the advanced options and other search tools more often. To see what Google has to say about this change watch this YouTube video.

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