Google Changing Search Results Layout?

Jan 25, 2010

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Google is continuing making changes in order to improve their service for users and here is something I saw that I thought I would share, Google might be playing around with changing their interface for search results. As I was looking at these new screenshots of what could be a new look to Google, I said to myself “Hey that looks familiar”, this layout looks very similar to our layout.
new google search layout

google news new search layout

This next screenshot is something that I know for sure that Google is working on which is how they are going to better fulfill the need for real time search. Matt Cutts has already come out and said that they are working on improving the real time search results that are relevant and comprehensive, not just showing things just because of time stamps.
google updates new search results

We will have to wait and see if these insider screenshots are actually going to come forth in the new Google interface. All images brought to you by

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