Google Commercial In The Super Bowl Helps SEO

Feb 8, 2010

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Yesterday in the Super Bowl between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints millions of people watched the commercials to see what was new as far as the advertising arena goes just as much as they watch the game. Google put forth one of their “Search On” commercials showing people how to search for everything a person would need about Paris and showcased the different ways you can search on Google. Google Parisian Love 2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercial Ad HD.

Why would this type of a commercial mean anything to internet marketers and SEO’s in particular? The whole point in the commercial is showing people how to use Google and how to be a smarter searcher and user of a search engine. One thing that I did not see in the commercial was Google showing people the sponsored links section and clicking on those links as well.

As time has gone by users have become much more intelligent in how to use the web and more particular how to search for things that they want in a quick manner. As time has gone by more and more users of search engines do not click as much on the sponsored links sections.

I feel that this commercial put out by Google was an excellent commercial for SEO companies because we can easily tell business owners that their business must be in Google in the organic rankings. Google is teaching people to go to them and find everything that they need and that is exactly what people are doing, going to Google to find what they need.

I did not see any phone book commercials, radio commercials, billboard commercials, print ad commercials or any other type of marketing channel that would tell a business owner and consumers how to find solutions to their problems. A lot of the commercials were heavily focused on sending people to the web to find more information, not the coupon in the back of a phone book.

I felt Google did a great job in their commercial as they showed their Google Maps section in how to find a business fast, the local business results in the web search section, how to find a flight schedule, how to translate something and more. This was an excellent demo in how to use Google and get everything you want and at the same time helped SEO’s talk to more business owners in the power of using Google to help their business.

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