Google In The Government?

Jul 27, 2010

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Google is continually in the news and expanding their services. Google has announced that they are opening up a new edition of their Google Apps. Google Apps for Government has new features that incorporate high security and has been developed after insight from federal government officials.

Google Apps is the first suite of applications in cloud computing to receive FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) certification and accreditation from the United States Government. FISMA is the law that has to be applied to all of the governments information technology to make sure it is secure.

After several government officials looked into the security features that Google Apps offers and compared it to what they were currently using they noted that Google Apps had equivalent or higher security than what they had. This high tech cloud computing security is a great temptation for the government to move to the cloud and still know their information is secure. Along with the high security, Google Apps for Government also has state of the art disaster recovery.

The city of Los Angeles has gone Google:

Sergey Brin talks about Google and the Government:

The Gmail and Calendar data in Google Apps for Government is stored in a segregated location and will be exclusively for US Government officials. Right now the Google Apps for Government is available to all federal, local or state government within the United States.

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