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Dec 17, 2009

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Google is world renowned as the #1 search engine and they have continued to dominate the search market for over a decade. They pride themselves on giving users what they want and search for by giving them answers by sending them to websites that can do that. Google has made some changes in their Google Suggest feature and results to keep people on their site. How will these advancements from Google affect SEO and how some websites will receive less traffic from certain search queries. Here is an example of how a sports news website could lose some traffic:
san diego chargers search result

A searcher who searches for this query does not even need to go to a sports website, they can get all of the information they are more likely looking for all in the search results. With the Google Suggest feature being added to some searchers will not even need to click on the Google search button as all of the answers could show up before they even finish typing what they were looking for:
google suggest feature

Browsers make it so you do not even need to go to Google’s website at all as most browsers have a search suggestion box where you can search from whatever search engine you want:
browser search engine suggest box

This just goes to show you that Google is heavily working on improving the way they can help a user find something and not only find it, find it fast. We are living in a fast paced world and even Google is making changes to move with the times. So how will this affect seo; it will mean that some queries will provide less traffic to some phrases, but overall the more we as SEO’s can find ways to help a searcher find something on a website, the better we will be able to place it in the search results for phrases that only the website can offer.

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