Google Launches Site Performance In Webmaster Tools

Dec 3, 2009

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Speed is on the top of the mind at Google and as part of their “Let’s make the web faster” campaign Google is continually improving the way they like speed when it comes to load times. In Google Webmaster Tools their is a new tool called Site Performance which will show you how fast your site is loading and how you compare with other sites. Watching what is important to Google will help you also know what is important in doing SEO for Google. They also have a link to an addon that you can get in Firefox oddly enough called Page Speed in which you can install. Site Performance is still in beta and will not show data for all sites. The Site Performance tool is under the labs section.
site performance in google webmaster tools

There will continue to be updates to this tool as Google improves the way they can collect data and show it here in Webmaster Tools. This is another step in the direction that Google is trying to get webpages to load as fast as turning pages in a magazine. You can give Google feedback about this Site Performance tool in the Google Webmaster Forum.

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