Google LBC Duplicate Listings

Sep 16, 2009

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Advice for Google LBC duplicate listings (use with caution):

First of all “duplicate listings” occur when 2 listings have either the same phone number, address or url in the LBC contact information. We will use the term “blocking” to define the problem that occurs when you have 2 + duplicate listings. When this is true, any updates made to either listing will typically fail to show in the live listing. “Unblocking” can only be achieved when all these details are different between 2 or more listings: phone number, address and url.

Google LBC Listing Advice #1

If possible, you need to claim the records by clicking on Claim your business button visible in the bubble. Do so in both cases, make the listings identical and then verify them. Ultimately the two listings will merge.

Google LBC Listing Advice #2

Instead, edit all the contact info to be identical to your main (best ranked) listing. Google has been slowly merging duplicates into one. Your main listing with the most trust factors will, in most cases, rank higher than the duplicates. User reviews and user generated content that gets created will most likely accumulate in your main listing. As Google gets better at merging duplicates the problem will take care of itself. So make your duplicates the same and wait for a merge to happen.

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