Google Maps Community Editing Needs Approval

May 26, 2010

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Google has announced that they are no longer going to allow community editing on Google Maps go live until after review. This means that spammers and others cannot perform some type of edit on a listing in Google Maps and it goes live. This new change will really a move to control the validity of information that is getting posted into Google Maps.
google maps community editing screen

This will give local business owners a sigh of relief as they can have more control on what is being edited about their company. While this will increase the amount of inquiries that the Google Maps and Google Places departments receive it will minimize the amount of SPAM that takes place in their Local section. This is another of one of the many reasons that local business owners MUST claim their business profile listings. Local SEO is quickly becoming very important for business owners to include into their marketing arsenal as more and more people use the search engines to find local businesses and learn about them. Google is going to continue to improve their Maps service to local business owners and improve the quality of information that is relayed to those searching.

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