Google Maps Has Personalized Search

Feb 9, 2010

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Google is continually pushing their personalized search service making it better for users to find things faster and more relevant to them based on past search history. This feature exists on the web search function and now it exists in the Google Maps function as well. If you have searched for something in particular on Google Maps and then later went and searched for something that was somewhat related, Google Maps will show you some suggestions based on what you have searched for before.
google maps personalized search

If you are signed into Google with your Google Account and you do not want this feature then you can simply go into your account settings and turn off Web History. If you see a personalized search suggestion that you do not like you can click the EDIT link at the bottom of the suggestions box which will take you to the Web History removal page. If you are not signed into your Google Account then the personalized search feature will not work like it does in web search. All of the personalization works off of your web history feature and will take into account how you have those settings set. Google Maps is starting to become more popular as people are searching for more and more businesses. Getting your company listed in Google Maps by performing a Google Maps Optimization campaign is a great way for your company to get more exposure and to get in front of the wave that is coming in how consumers are doing their research in finding businesses.

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