Google MayDay Sending Less LongTail Traffic

May 14, 2010

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The Google May Day update has been all the rage over the last couple of weeks as many webmasters have been noticing traffic drops to their sites for long tail referrals from Google. A long tail phrase is anything that is 3 words or more. Some webmasters have reported numbers as high as 90 – 95% of their long tail traffic dropping. Codenamed “MayDay” this is one Google update that is causing quite a stir with not only small websites, but big websites with great PageRank and a good number of inbound links.
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Earlier Google made some changes to the serp interface to allow for user to easily see other things they can search in by adding the left hand navigation. Last fall Google came out and said they were making some major changes to the algo which they had not done since 2006. This new major update was a complete change to the way Google crawls, indexes and ranks. The idea of Google Caffeine was to be a lot more efficient and quicker. The Google May Day update could be just another thing in the Caffeine Era of cleaning up the index. Google has said that they wanted to make the crawler a lot faster and with that also comes the notion that if that was the case they needed to clean up the junk they crawl and make faster assessments of what is garbage or junk. The Google May Day update has been reported to of taken affect somewhere between April 28th – May 3rd 2010. If you want to see if you were affected by this latest Google update then check your analytics for Google referrals from long tail keywords a week before these times and a week after.

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