Google Music Launches

Nov 2, 2009

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Google has now officially gone into the music business by launching Google Music. Google Music has been in the works for a little over a year as Google was approached by leading music companies like Lala, Rhapsody, and Imeem who wanted to use the power of Google’s search engine.

Until now Itunes has been the primary place where people can download and buy music. Now you can type any artists name, song, or lyrics to a song and it will bring back some links where you can listen to some streaming music and purchase that music from these previously noted music companies.

google music search results page

This new feature by Google might not come out and kill Itunes dominance in the music market, but it will help people be able to find music and artist in a much easier and quicker fashion. This will be good for the musicians who will now find more people able to find their music.

When it comes to doing seo for major music labels and artists this may change some things on how they decide to market more with Rhapsody, Lala, and Imeem.

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