Google Real Time Search Has A New Home

Aug 27, 2010

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Real time search has been a hot topic over the last few years since Twitter has taken the spotlight on gathering information on the web as it happens. With Google being the #1 search engine in the world they have been trying to improve their search platform to enable real time search results. Google has now given their real time search feature a new home on

Here is a video that Google put out going over the new layout and technology of real time search:

The home page of Google Real Time has the same look as with realtime underneath the Google logo:

google real time search home page

You can also find Google’s real time search feature by using the updates link in the left hand navigation of the search results:

google left side navigation

Now you can easily see what is going on in real time on Google with full screens rather than the little embed frames they were using before. As you will mostly notice that both Twitter and Facebook is where a lot of real time news and information is published.

google real time search results screenshot for seo

The war continues between Google and Microsoft in who will be able to provide updated information in real time. This is a big step for Google and can change the way news editors and publishers find updated content.

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