Google Redesigns Top Of Website

Jun 29, 2011

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Google has been notorious for not making big design changes, but when they do they are generally due to keep things consistent and better usability. The latest design change that Google has made is adding a black strip along the top of their website.

I am shocked when I am with people and I watch the way they use I have shown even those who are in the web community things about Google in which they did not even know. One of them being the top navigation on Google in the top left side along with also a drop down under the More tab and and Even More under that tab. I am shocked that a lot of people have not even seen that navigation.

So it is with that introduction that I am not shocked that Google has been making changes to that top strip on their website. Now they have made the top strip black to draw more attention to it so people know there are many other things you can do with Google in navigation.

Here is a quick snapshot: home page with black strip at top

As you will notice when they do have the black bar across the top it does attract more attention for users to know that they have multiple place they can navigate to. Google will continue to make more design changes over the next few months as they continue to make using all of Google’s products simpler.

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