Google Releases Toolbar 7

Apr 21, 2011

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Google is releasing their new Google Toolbar 7 which incorporates Google Instant for Internet Explorer. Toolbar Instant provides user the same power that you can see if you use or if you are using Google Chrome with the omnibox. The new toolbar 7 will works on IE8 and IE9. Here is a video that introduces more of the features:

Google Toolbar 7 Video

Toolbar 7 is more streamlined, cleaner and simpler to use all while showcasing what is most important to you. As you use tools within the toolbar they will automatically appear on the toolbar making your experience much easier to customize and navigate. Now with the new Google Toolbar you can control your privacy settings as tools such as PageRank and Spell Check require you to share information with Google.

If you do not want Google to have some of that information you simply need to go to the toolbar’s privacy settings and turn off what you want.

google toolbar privacy settings

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