Google Adding Time Stamp to Search Results

Jan 16, 2009

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Google is continually changing the way they pull back search results to better serve individuals who are searching for any type of information, product, service, or anything else. They have added Universal Search also known as Blended Search where they are including news results, videos, and image results in the web results.

Why is Google making these changes? They are trying to provide the most relevant information in the best way possible. Now Google is trying to make the results more real time by adding time stamps so a searcher can see when the information happened. With Google you can search for anything using the advanced search feature and also put operations in the search box to have the search engine pull back more detailed information.

Google is playing around with trying to stay on top of crawling, indexing, and ranking content in a world where platforms make it even easier for users to add their own content. Social networks, video sites, social bookmarking, and blogs are all example of platforms that have content changing every second and Google is having to stay up with it.

Here is a snapshot of some search results using the Time Stamp:


Google Time Stamp Search Results

Google Time Stamp Search Results

As you can see these are in the Web search results and has the time at the end. These time stamps will be added to news stories and blog post which are things that change very fast. This is an addition to the search wiki feature that you see right above that with the arrow, close box, and below it with the comment feature.

Googles real time search will be an animal that will improve and change the way news companies and press release companies look at blasting out information.

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