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Feb 27, 2014

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Now that it has been a few years since this incredible YouTube video advertisement from Old Spice was released; I decided to take a look back at the wonderful advertising and marketing that Old Spice accomplished with its “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Campaign.” The campaign, which featured Isaiah Mustafa, achieved the goals of a great marketing campaign and shows how marketing can revolutionize a business.

Old Spice wanted to change its view in the public. In the past viewed as a “grandfather’s brand” Old Spice wanted to reinvent itself as a brand for the young and lively. This campaign not only changed that, but brought viral attention to the company and increased sales by 107% (yes you that read correctly) in the first month following the campaign.

However, what sealed the campaign as more than one video that skyrocketed sales in the short term, was the integrated marketing that Old Spice incorporated after the viral success. This integrated campaign was essential directed towards Old Spice taking their short term success and looking towards their term vision. Old Spice took the opportunity from their spot in the public eye to fuel discussion and interaction with their customers on social media sites. The best example of the integrated marketing they incorporated was the “Old Spice Man Internet Responses” that they incorporated with their social media. Social Media users, on multiple sites, had the chance to post a comment, request, or question that would be responded to by Isaiah himself, in his shirtless form none the less. The reason it was successful is not only that they had positive interactions with their users, but they made sure that they were interacting with the users that had the most online social experience (Starbucks, TheEllenShow, Apolo Ohno, etc…). Thus increasing their viral coverage even more, and having those valuable conversations with their customers on a personal level.

What this campaign shows 4 years later is that marketing campaigns are essential, and can completely alter how a business is viewed, and it’s future sales. The ability to have your product stand out above the rest is something that is invaluable in a society where there are so many businesses competing for the same piece of the pie. We would encourage you to contact us and talk with one of our great marketing experts about how your business can employ the same marketing techniques to increase your success, and revolutionize your business.

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