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Aug 10, 2010

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There are many many reasons on why to use WordPress and here is just another one of those reasons. Personalization is a big topic these days on the internet especially when it comes to making your website users feel a closer connection with you. Today I found a great WordPress plugin that incorporates more personalization into your site.

The plugin is called WP Greet Box and it will provide a message to visitors to your website who found your website through various means. So if you have a new user who has never been to your website it will ask them to subscribe to your RSS Feed or it will ask them if they want to find other related resources on your website that can help them with what they are looking for.

Here is a screenshot of the Google greet box:

wp greet box wordpress plugin google greeter

As you can see it will greet your new user adding a little personal touch along with a Call To Action for them to subscribe to your RSS Feed. It will also have a link to related information on your site:

wp greet box wordpress plugin google greet box with related posts

Having a custom message that can be more targeted specifically to your customers can increase readership and loyalty as all bloggers know that is what they have to do. Since blogging is so important these days in getting more traffic to your business I would recommend that all webmasters try to add as much personalization to their websites as possible.

This plugin is compatible with all cache plugins enabling the plugin to run at optimal speed and not being a hinder on your websites load time.

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