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Dec 2, 2008

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When building and growing a business online it is best to grow naturally. When I say grow naturally I am talking about growing the size of the website and the number of inbound links to a website.

Search engines use many different factors when determining the worth of a website. The search engines do not like to be manipulated and there are many individuals who try to manipulate their website to look better in the search engines eyes.

One of the biggest killers in search engine optimization is growing to fast and having to many inbound links all at once. If a website gets a huge number of links overnight then that is a huge red flag with the search engines.

Often you will see things on the internet where people are saying that they will manually submit your website to 3500 directories in a short amount of time and how this will increase your rankings. What they do not tell you is this is a big mistake for small companies who have not been online for a while.

Think about it this way, if you are a search engine and you see a website that has been online for less than 6 months all of a sudden get 3000 links literally overnight then you think WHOA what happened. This is why software that does automatic submissions is not good if you want to look good in the search engines eyes.

The goal is to grow naturally and show the search engines that you are not manipulating them and trying to do sneaky things to have them put you at the top of their search results.

For newer websites I would be ectremely cautious in doing a high amount of submissions to directories and social bookmarking companies. Google especially will wait on newer companies to see how they will grow and expand. Sometimes they will place a new website higher in rankings and it will generally last for a short while. This is often called the Honeymoon Phase.

For more established websites that have been online for several years it will be easier to grow at a little faster pace than newer websites. There are some SEO companies who will not offer link building services to any website that is newer than 2 years old for this reason.

So as you are looking at placing your website higher in the search engines remember to ask yourself this question, am I growing at a natural pace or am I growing so fast that it triggers the search engines to notice and look down on me?

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