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Sep 8, 2008

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As you own and operate a website there are some very important things to constantly do. By far the most important is to continue to add good valuable and relevant content. This one thing is vital in building a company online.

Each time a website has information that is added to it the website as a whole gains strength in compounding nature. When a fisherman is out casting his nets into the water they strategically move the boats around so they can place their large nets in a way to be able to catch the most fish.

Thus it is important for fishermen to have more net to be able to throw out into the water. The more net they can throw out the more successful they are.

The same goes for building your online presence. If you have very little information or in other words a very small net then there is not as much for an internet user, or in this case the fish. There are only so many things the visitor can read, listen, or watch and more importantly link to.

So having more information gives an internet user more options to stay on your site and hopefully link to. Plus with more information the longer a visitor will stay on the site decreasing the bounce rate. The bounce rate is higher when a visitor comes to a website and hurries and leaves.

The more articles, videos, or audio’s that are on a site the more the user can link to. So writing content on your website increases your net that you can cast out on the internet. The bigger your net the more fish or internet users you can catch.

It is very important to build links to a website in search engine optimization, but it is even easier to build links to a website that has a lot of information. This allows deep linking into the website instead of just the home page and a couple of other pages.

Building your websites content also allows for stronger internal linking which will grow and enhance the pagerank of a website. As you add more content it also allows you the opportunity to add your targeted keywords increasing the relevance and theme of the website.

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