Growth Segments of the Economy: 2012

Jun 6, 2013

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2012 WAS A Growth Year

WOW – what a year 2012 was.

I look back and think of so much progress the US made in some industries yet I also see the stagnant nature of other industries that just can’t seem to rebound. It is in this spirit that I share just a few thoughts.

Just a quick note on the growth of the US economy and how this affects the small business marketplace.

Fastest-Growth Industries for U.S. Small Businesses in 2012

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  1. Residential building/construction: 14.77 %
  2. Building custom software and servers for businesses: 14.29 %
  3. Machinery, equipment, and supplies merchant wholesalers: 13.75 %
  4. Management, scientific, and technical consulting services: 12.31 %

The Growth Is In…

As referenced by the aforementioned numbers, much of the growth of the US economy in 2012 was in technology, construction, technical consulting, equipment etc. The red flag that should go off to any business owner is how LITTLE other verticals grew while these industries achieved sustained growth even in a recovering economy.

What to take from these numbers that you likely didn’t consider, is the fact that nearly all of the growth was in high leverage industries and products. The US is headed toward equipment and automation and scale achieved by technology and machines.

Implications for 2013

2013 is a ‘moving’ year much like Saturday is ‘moving’ day in professional golf. This year is the time for brands to make their move because the rebound and rise and growth of many many industries is around the corner. We have so much innovation going on right now in all sectors. We have energy initiatives that will change the way the US does business and runs a stable economy. We have so many industries hurting the yearning to climb out of the hole that was dug for them. In short, NOW is the time to make the MOVE. Move to higher ground. Think bigger. Think more innovative.

To your innovative success….

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