Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns For Small Companies

Sep 3, 2013

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Disclaimer: If your company can’t afford to take risks, this won’t benefit you. Otherwise, proceed with an open mind and learn about implementing a guerrilla marketing campaign.

As risky as it may be for a small company to make some noise in its respective city or region, some industries such as financial and insurance services should avoid this. Guerrilla marketing can have great impact for a company if it is done properly and for the right type of target audience market.

Customers tend to gravitate towards original and edgy campaigns done by small companies that take a risk, as their brand is willing to step out of the companies comfort zone and do something they’ve probably never attempted before.

Online guerrilla marketing, on the other hand, is a much safer and common channel that some brands use to engage customers and potential customers.

In the couple seconds that you are trying to capture people walking by your ad on the street or in the middle of a park, what is the core message or idea that your brand is portraying? What are your desired outcomes? What’s the return on investment? Brand exposure? Test run of a trial product?

Like any marketing plan, getting the target audience to “act” on a movement or product that is being advertised should be the outcome of any guerrilla marketing campaign. Visiting the website, calling a phone line, visiting the store location and purchasing the product or service should be the results of this campaign.

Have you seen any guerrilla marketing that was done right in the past? Or campaign failures that caused catastrophe to a company’s image?

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