Holiday Flicks: The Classics

Nov 26, 2013

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The list of Christmas movie classics could go on and on, and on, and on. But we all have our own list of the most classic Christmas films, the ones that have meant the most to us. So here’s my list, the best classic Christmas movies (according to Ashley):

1. Home Alone: This movie has become a holiday classic for American families nationwide! There’s nothing like a few good pranks to get you in the holiday spirit! But don’t forget the warm messages this film shares about families, love, and taking care of one another. The combination of slapstick humor, family affection, and holiday tunes makes Home Alone more than just another silly Christmas comedy—it makes this movie a classic!

2. A Christmas Story: If you haven’t seen A Christmas Story, you haven’t truly experienced Christmas! A Christmas Story is the ultimate childhood Christmas tale with all the elements of excitement, confusion, and pure joy that make up a child’s Christmas! A Christmas Story will make you laugh until your stomach hurts as well as make you remember your own childhood Christmas stories! A classic for every family!

3. It’s a Wonderful Life: If you talk about Christmas classics with anyone, It’s a Wonderful Life will almost always come up as one of the greatest Christmas classics of all time! Made in 1946, this movie illustrates Christmas in its purest form, when the message is about family and giving, not so much about presents. It’s a Wonderful Life teaches timeless lessons about the Christmas spirit of loving and giving that can hardly be found elsewhere! If you haven’t seen it yet, make time to watch this classic during Christmas break 2013!

Which one are you going to watch first?

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