How Fast Can Your Website Sell?

May 22, 2009

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Building a website can be a daunting task to some companies and individuals who do not know what they want it to look like and that is why it is beneficial to have a professional firm help you with the design. When internet users browse the web they spend a very short time on a lot of websites.

With this being the case you as an online business owner has to ask the most important question “how fast can your website sell?” Designing and writing the content for a website to be sticky is only part of making a website sell. Stickiness does not always mean effectiveness.

So the question of how much face time does your website needs is extremely crucial when deciding what to portray to the public who are potential customers. In sales they always teach to put your best foot forward and get to the point of how you can help the customer. If a salesman beats around the bush and waste a customer’s time then they will struggle.

The same is true for your website. Providing the most important information is what brings in the money. So what type of information should you give to the consumer. Having a consumer on your website for a long time is really good, but if there is no commercial purpose you will not make any money.

The goal to writing for a website that sells is to offer engaging content that is memorable enough for the consumer to remember what they are seeing and giving them the opportunity to give you the money. In sales you have to ask for the money, if you are afraid to ask for the money then it will be harder to have the customer voluntarily give you their money. There must be some type of Call To Action given to the customer so they will take action.

Inviting a customer to your website is just like inviting a customer to your store. You have to impress them right from the start as first impressions are just as critical online as offline. You as the website owner must provide an unforgettable first time impression which will help in the providing a memorable experience.

Remember that building a website is all about psychology as you have to be in constant thought that people are busy and have plenty of other things to do or other places to shop, or in this case websites to visit. So you must get to the point in offering what a customer would want from someone like your business.

Most customers want the obvious quickly asked: who are you?, what do you do?, what do you offer?, why are you so special?, what do other people say about you?. These are all subconcious thoughts that every customer has and you as a business owner must answer them every single time in the most effective manner possible.

This is what it means in “How Fast Can Your Website Sell?“. Although there are several questions in which they ask, they are all around the theme of “Why Should I Give You My Money?”. People give other people money to solve their problems and for a better experience.

Your website must do this as well as your best salesman and then 100 times better as your website does not have the personality that your salesman has. Making your website a memorable and enjoyable experience is the top goal especially for those websites that are asking customer’s to hand over their money.

It is because of this high stakes game that webmasters have come up with several different ideas in how to build a website that will engage its users to the fullest potential. Different people are engaged in various ways. Some like text, some like pictures, some like video, and some like audio so incorporating all of these together to create an excellent user experience is crucial.

At the end of the day people remember things for various reasons, so when you are building and marketing your website you must know your customers psychie so they will remember you in a good way and have a memorable experience when they visit your company against all of the others competing against you.

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