How to Build a Rockstar Social Media Following

Nov 27, 2012

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In this post, I want to share how you build a rockstar social media following on social media sites. Brand building is a huge part of social media marketing. I will break this down into 6 steps.

Step 1

Identify the top goals for the social media strategy. Goals could include (but are not limited to): engagement, number of followers, referral visitors increased to the site, ect.

Step 2

Target your demographic. Determine what your idea follower that is most likely to engage in the brand, purchase your product/service.

Step 3

Set milestones for hitting your goals. Give yourself a realistic timeframe to hit the milestones.

Step 4

Develop your social media strategy for content. This is the most important step because if your content is lacking, then it will directly result your goals. Make sure your content is consistent and tailored to your demographic. Be sure to share a variety of content including photos, videos, blog posts, ect.

Step 5

Find your movers and shakers. It is important to build your core fan base. The people who interact the most with you will bring all of their friends to the table down the road. Establish the top 25 super fans. Your super fans will be the ones you want to speak to the most because they will share your content the most.

Step 6

Measure your success. As you start to get more traffic to the site, build your brand, and get more interaction on your page, you will need to measure these successes. Keep a running tally in one place so you can measure month to month how successful the campaign has been

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